Subverse Project

The Subverse Project is a system to agent interaction in a virtual world with objective of studies and learns of Artificial Intelligence algorithms. It is a set of parts to create a simulated environment of Artificial Inteligence and learning.

This project has the folowing disciplines:

Subverse project is registred under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3, 29 June 2007.

Project Subverse is composed by a module with a Data Bank to persistent informations of agents and virtual world, and the server system as well.

The Subverse Project is a system composed of some modules. The first module is the Server System as well and a Data base that will keep its persistent information. These information will be configured in an WEB interface. The Server System of the Worlds must manage the solicitations made for the Avatars, representatives of the Agents connecteds in the virtual world. The Agents communicates with their Avatars to be able to interact with its virtual world. Finally, there is a graphical interface for visualization of the virtual world to turn possible to see the life cycle of the agents and the virtual world execution.

Figure 1: Project Subverse Architecture.

Actual Status

The implementation of Subverse Project is developed in C++ language and is actually in following status:

Next Steps

As next steps of Project Subverse, there is:

Download the complete source code:
Download the windows binaries:
Requires Allegro - a game programming library.

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